The biggest dream has become a reality. We've brought together the best of us, and the best products from the local area, here in the heart of the Czech mountains.


We offer freshly brewed, speciality coffee, from all over the world. Whichever coffee you select, we deliver it with passion and experience. In your cup, you'll discover different tones and aromatics, from wild berries, nuts, chocolate and more.

Since our founding, we have been cooperating with Candycane coffee, who produce their coffee to a unique, flavoursome recipe. We are big fans of their outstanding coffee grind, and we are sure you will be as well!

If you fall in love with our coffee, and cannot imagine a day without it, don't worry, you can buy the beans directly from us to take home with you.


They say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We serve breakfast until 12.00 midday. You can choose from either a savoury or sweet selection. For example, a freshly made omelette made from eggs provided by our partner Eazy - Livin, or perhaps scrambled eggs with dumplings, a regional speciality. Also available is Huevo rancheros - a fulsome breakfast cooked on the pan. Or do you prefer pancakes or porridge? Nothing is impossible!

As well as coffee we have tea from Tea Mountain, homemade raspberry and ginger lemonade, Polabský mošt, lemonade Bohemsca and much more.
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Main menu

In our kitchen we are always pushing the boundaries and trying new things. Some of our most popular dishes are pulled beef in BBQ sauce, Pad Thai, with a rice-noodle variant which is suitable for meat eaters and vegetarians, roasted bread with horseradish spread and smoked tongue, or perhaps roasted vegetables with grilled cheese of your choosing and fried tempeh. You can also choose gluten free bread from our choice of baked goods.

Daily specials

Each week we offer special dishes and soups made from fresh seasonal produce according to the time of the year.


We also love to bake! Lemon, raspberry, or chocolate cheesecake, banana bread, fruit cake, often available gluten free!


Quench your thirst with a bitter and special beer from the local brewery Hendrych or try a wine from the winery Syfany. Of course, we also have a full range of spirits available including a special selection on rum and gin.

Consultation and courses

Let's all drink better coffee! Do you want to offer better coffee to your customers? Are you a coffee lover and would like to know more? Are you a local business owner? Then you found the right place! We'd love to share our knowledge with you and your staff - not just about the art of coffee, but so much more! We'll take you through the coffee making process from start to finish, making sure you serve the perfect cup to your customers every time.
Start a conversation with us at craft@iamcoffee.cz.
We look forward to helping you grow your business!