"You do not give to pepper or ginger or cinnamon or cloves strength or quality, pungency, or aroma, but coffee you develop and by skill and judgment change from caterpillar to butterfly. You bring out the hidden treasure."
Jabez Burns, USA - pioneer in the field of roasting coffee

My story

I like to say "I am coffee!'' but also, I am Petr :-) How did I end up here in Pec pod Sněžkou?

I have been working in gastronomy for many years, from working as a waiter in an Italian restaurant in Prague, I worked my way to a manager position, as of the summer 2018. At the time I was learning more and more about special kinds of coffee, and I started to dream of the idea of owning my own coffee establishment. During this time, I travelled to Pec pod Sněžkou to clear my head. One evening, before a morning hike, I went for a drink to Klondike where I learned more about the building and they told me there is a place to rent. And there the idea was born, and the idea and opportunity met. After putting my heart and soul into the renovations throughout 2019, finally in November we opened to our customers.


To be able to see the world from behind the bar as a coffee maker is one of the best feelings in the world, to see your happy and satisfied faces in a constant thrill.
Everything I imagine in my thoughts has become a reality. I have come to know amazing people who make me a better person and help me on my personal journey. One of these people is a friend and the biggest lover of our Flat White, the extremely gifted painter Kate Fuks. She is the artist behind the Craft Coffee painting which you can see when you enter.
I appreciate that I can be a part of the project Gastromapa Lukáše Hejlíka and the book Gastromapa 365, and all that not even just six months after we opened. Thank you!

We ended the first year with my big dream. We spent one month in the coffee fields of Costa Rica, where thanks to many kind people we were able to spend time in the place where coffee is born and spend time with the farmers who make the dream of coffee possible. Gracias Roland, Marta, Bayron and Jullian Quiros Naranjo. 

None of this would be possible without the help of people from Craft Crew, together we are learning to be better coffee makers, and offering our customers the best possible quality. Thank you, crew!

Pura Vida!